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Fostering cultural exchange and unity, the Iranian Heritage Foundation is dedicated to promoting the diverse tapestry of Iranian culture through the mediums of art and music. Our mission is to cultivate understanding, appreciation, and connections within within the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign community and Champaign County. We strive to we empower individuals to embrace their heritage, contributing to a more inclusive and culturally enriched society.”

The organization is non-profit and registered under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a tax-exempt entity.

Our History

Over time, Iranian students have traveled far and wide to fulfill their academic dreams, with many finding a home within the esteemed University of Illinois. Since the early days of the Daily Illini in 1907, which documented the presence of a determined student from Persia, the legacy of Iranian students at UIUC has been etched in history, for more than a century, Iranian students have made an indelible mark on this prestigious institution, becoming an integral part of education, research and campus life.

UIUC stands out as a beacon of excellence in the annals of Iranian student organizations. Iranian students have founded at least eight student organizations since 1961, each one a testament to the perseverance and strength of the Iranian community. The Iranian Student Association, established on November 16th, 1961, is one of the oldest Iranian student organizations in the United States.

Iranian student organizations may have had different names, but they all shared a common goal:


As we look towards the future, we are reminded of the lasting legacy of the Iranian community at UIUC, a legacy that inspires and uplifts us all.

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Iranian Illini Since 1907

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Abbas Bataleblu, Ph.D. Student in Systems and Entrepreneurial Engineering

Somaye Babaei, Ph.D. Student in Bioengineering

Faeze Borhani, Community Member

Ali Ebrahimpour, Ph.D. Student in Computer Science

Zahra Heydari, Ph.D. Student in Civil Engineering

Mehrdad Mohammadi, Ph.D. Student in Statistics

Mahsa Rahimi, Community Member

Mehrnoosh Zohourian, Community Member

Erfan Namaki, Ph.D. Student in Music Education

Sheeva Sheikhfarshi, Ph.D. Student in Urban Planning

Hamed Razavi, Master’s Student in Information Science